Credit Card Procurement Procedure

Roseville City School District

Credit Card Procurement Procedure
Using district credit card for site purchases

Purchase orders are always the preferred method of procurement; however, there will be occasions when you will need to make other arrangements to make a site purchase.

Criteria for determining if this SHOULD be a purchasing department credit card purchase:

  1. Vendor does not accept purchase orders AND
  2. Product can only be purchased from this particular vendor OR
  3. Price is significantly reduced by using the credit card procedure

Criteria for determining if this SHOULD NOT be a purchasing department credit card purchase:

  1.  Vendor accepts school district purchase orders
  2. You want the order faster or it is a last second purchase
  3. It is easier than processing a purchase order
  4. It is for conferences or travel – all such arrangements must be made through Schelli Landreth


  1.  Identify product and vendor of choice.
  2. Contact Purchasing Department to verify if credit card is best option and whether order can be placed or if other method of procurement should be used.
  3. Complete Credit Card Requisition form (fillable form), obtain all necessary approvals and submit to Purchasing.
  4. Order will be placed on site’s behalf, paperwork will be submitted to Accounts Payable and designated account will be charged.
  5. Orders will be delivered to the district warehouse, verified for accuracy and delivered to the school site.  Receiving documentation will be forwarded to Accounts Payable.
  6. CREDIT CARD ORDERS ARE PLACED ON MONDAYS (Tuesdays for weeks with Monday holiday).  Please have all information to the Purchasing Department by 2:00 p.m. on the Friday prior.