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Notice of Auction of Surplus Assets
Roseville City School District

April 26, 2018 – May 10, 2018

Roseville City School District will conduct an auction of surplus assets beginning on or after Thursday, April 26, 2018 and ending on or after Thursday, May 10, 2018. The following items will be available for online auction on

School Buses

Descriptions and auction information regarding these items and be found at beginning on or after April 26, 2018.  Type this URL into your Internet browser, and click on the item description as listed above to learn more about an item and to place an online bid for such item(s).

Furniture and Equipment

Submitting Furniture/Equipment into Surplus The purpose of the surplus program is to dispose of unusable furniture and equipment and to reuse functional furniture and equipment elsewhere within the district. The procedure for submitting furniture and equipment for surplus is as follows: 

  1. Furniture that is functional and usable but no longer needed shall be labeled as surplus using the appropriate form (attached) and placed in a protected area, out of the weather and in a secure location on the campus.  Electrical/technology closets shall not be used for storage of surplus furniture.
  2. Furniture that is broken, unsafe or otherwise unusable shall be labeled as surplus using the appropriate form (included) and placed in a secure location out of the weather.
  3. Surplus forms (included) shall be filled out and sent to the appropriate departments. Furniture and equipment surplus forms shall be sent to Purchasing.  Technology surplus forms shall be sent to the Technology Department.  Surplus furniture and equipment are not processed by the maintenance department.
  4. Items which pose an immediate risk or danger will be removed immediately. All other items should be held in one area of the facility until district personnel is able to schedule a pickup date. Small quantities can be picked up throughout the year, however, large quantities of surplus requiring disposal will be picked up during breaks – Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer. 

Requests for Surplus Furniture/Equipment Furniture and equipment (not electronic equipment) that is in safe and usable condition is held in surplus until it is needed elsewhere within the district. The process for acquiring surplus furniture is as follows:

  1. Identify the furniture or equipment that is needed.
  2. Submit a Surplus Item Request form (included) to Purchasing.
  3. Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis and all requests are subject to availability.  The site will be notified if the requested items are not available.
  4. Furniture/Equipment that is available will be brought to the site as soon as possible. If furniture/equipment will replace existing items, the site shall follow the surplus submission procedures for those items (see above).

Surplus Item Request
E-Waste Surplus Disposal Form 12/01/2016
F & E Surplus Disposal Form Number 09/16/2016