Technology Procurement, Surplus, and E-Waste

Roseville City School District

Technology Procurement, Surplus and E-Waste

Procuring Technology (New and Replacement)

A New Technology Requests (NTR) form is no longer required for purchases less than $5,000. To ensure all technology purchases meet District standards, please submit a SchoolDude ticket to request a quote, and include the SchoolDude ticket number in your requisition prior to submitting.

Surplus Technology Submissions (E-waste Disposal or Technology Reassignment)

The purpose of the surplus program is to dispose of unusable electronic equipment and to reuse functional equipment elsewhere within the district. The procedure for submitting e-waste for surplus is as follows:

  1. Electronic equipment of all types shall be labeled as surplus using the appropriate form (included) and placed in a secured location, out of the weather, that is accessible to delivery personnel for pick up.  Electronic equipment shall not be stored in electrical or technology closets.
  2. Surplus forms for all electronic equipment shall be sent to Technology. Surplus e-waste does not process through the maintenance department. Technology will notify Purchasing, and warehouse personnel will coordinate with site personnel to arrange for pick up.
  3. Items which pose an immediate risk or danger will be removed immediately. All other items should be held in one central area of the facility – secured and out of the weather – until notified by Purchasing of a pickup date.